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How did the Obama campaign pull out the win?

JACKSONVILLE,Fla. -- Karen Akers is a small business owner and part of President Barack Obama's grassroots campaign.

"I was surprise that it was decided so quickly," said Akers.

How did President Obama close the gap in Florida, when it looked like Governor Romney would win the state? Akers said they never gave up.

"We never felt like we were losing," said Akers, "If anyone did, they never said it."

Jacksonville University Political Scientist Dr. Stephen Baker said the effectiveness of President Obama's grassroots efforts paid off.

Will Florida face a recount? At what cost?

"It is amazing the Democrats did surprisingly well at organizing their base support," said Baker.

Baker said the use of social media made it stronger, and the campaign was also effective in getting the Latino vote out.

"They did keep it under wraps as to how sophisticated their operations was in going after the Hispanic vote," said Baker, "and they did use social media to help."

Even though ballots are still being counted and Florida has yet to declare a winner in this presidential election, Akers said it is over.

"I think things will get better," said Akers, "If we can get Congress to work with him.


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