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Election Day countdown continues: what voters need to know

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The election countdown continues and now that early voting is over with, what will the next two days mean for voters? Local campaign offices are keeping up the hype and voters still have two more days before casting their votes.

43 percent of voters in Duval County have already voted, but for the rest of voters just because they're waiting, doesn't mean there's any less excitement; take 20-year-old Natrionah Mobley for example. She drove in from FSU this weekend and is going to miss classes and time from work study to get her vote out for the first time.

"Since I was really really young in elementary school I've been going with her to vote to get the stickers and now I know what I get to do with my voice and with my vote and my ballot so now I'm even more excited to do it with her," says Natrionah Mobley who is going to vote with her mom for the first time on Tuesday.

And the excitement is there for both campaigns and voters - making it difficult to imagine there are still undecided voters out there.

"Undecided's are really minimal at this point, what's going to be important is turn-out which side turns out their supporters. Are Barack Obama supporters more excited about Barack Obama or are Mitt Romney supporters more excited about Mitt Romney and voting against Barack Obama?" says Brian Graham, Owner of Dixie Strategies.

And that's why local campaign offices are still out there canvassing neighborhoods and making phone calls - to keep the hype up and increase the voter turnout on their side.

"It's very impressive how much money has been spent, how much effort and how involved people are. I mean you can see it every day just looking at your social media sites, facebook and twitter, really a lot more politics than you would have ever really remembered seeing in the past," says Graham.

First Coast News put that one to the test and generated over 300 responses when we asked Facebook followers if they are planning to vote Tuesday? Why or why not?

If your answer is yes, make sure you check with your local supervisor of elections and confirm your voting precinct before you get in line to vote. And if voting absentee is something you still want to do, in Duval you can pick up absentee ballots Monday and Tuesday ONLY at the Supervisor of Elections Downtown office.

In St. Johns County you can also pick up an absentee ballot at the Supervisor of Elections Office.

All absentee ballots have to be in no later than 7 p.m. Tuesday.

If you have any questions, contact your local supervisor of elections office.

Duval County voters: click here for precinct locations

Clay County voters: click here for Supervisor of Elections site

St. Johns County voters: click here for Supervisor of Elections site



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