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Early voters swarm Duval polling sites

JACKSONVILLE, Fla-- Early voters i n Duval County showed up to local polling sites in record numbers for the last day of early voting before Tuesday's elections.

"I have to work, I have to go make the money, so just to get it out the way, get it out the way," says Erik Wills, an early voter at the Regency Square Library.

That was the sentiment for most voters in Duval County Saturday - just get it out of the way. By four o'clock the county already had 20-thousand people vote on the last day of early voting.

"It was wrapped around the whole library so you started from one end and you wrapped around and then around five o'clock they stopped and they started lining people up outside,"says Deborah Awuvey, an early voter at the Highlands Library.

There were 17 early voting sites open and some saw wait times go just over two hours, but that didn't stop most voters from sticking it out and casting their vote.

"Gotta' do what you gotta' do to vote for what you think is right," says Mary Mobley, an early voter at the Highlands Library.

One voter at Highlands Library drove from another state directly to her precinct to get her vote in early.

"I'm stationed in the military outside of Florida so I wanted to drive here personally and cast my vote for the president," says Tanja May.

In Duval, over 240-thousand have already voted early either in person or by absentee, and what they don't realize is that by doing that---they are impacting the overall election results reported early on election day.

"Many people don't know that the first results we release are early votes and absentee votes and in fact by law we must release those results by 7:30," says Jerry Holland, Supervisor of Elections in Duval County. "With this many people voting that's going to be a good chunk of the results released that night."

Many of the early voters brought in their sample ballots with them and had already read up on the amendments to save time. But even with prepared voters, lines were long, but the wait was worth it.

"Because on November 6th if you can't vote, that's it, you're done," says Awuvey.

Due to budget cuts, precincts in Duval County have been reduced for election's day. Make sure to check which precinct you have to vote at before Tuesday November 6th. You can check here on this link to the Duval County Elections website.


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