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Top five tailgating tips for Georgia/Florida Weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As RV City packs in and fans prepare for the big Georgia-Florida showdown this weekend, here is a list of our top five tailgating tips.

1.) Make sure you bring water and other non-alcoholic beverages for people that are acting as designated drivers. Also, freeze your water! It'll stay cold as it melts and the bottles will also make great ice packs!

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2.) Make a list! With all of the things you need for a tailgate, it can be easy to forget items like utensils or a spatula to flip the burgers, etc. A good way of thinking - imagine you're cooking and entertaining at home - everything you would use, bring.

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3.) Preparing for the weather: bring a tent or at least rain gear. Don't forget to pack ziplock bags for your phone, iPad, or wallet. Temps are also a bit chillier than they've been so bring a sweater and a blanket.

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4.) Put an identifiable mark on your tailgate. How can people find you or how can you find your tailgate after you've been wandering around? Try out a unique tent, tie a helium balloon to a long string or fly a kite high so people can follow it. And, of course, make it team-themed

5.) Here is a list of items you'll be glad you brought!

  • Toilet paper - the port-o-potty will likely run out fast so you'll be the MVP of the tailgate!
  • First Aid Kit - throw in some antacid to deal with all of the food you'll be eating.
  • Trash bags for cleaning up - always leave your spot as you found it.
  • Jumper cables - especially if you're running electrical appliances off your vehicle.



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