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RV City fills up with out of town fans and interesting characters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Hundreds of RV's filed into RV City Wednesday, grabbing their spot for the fun and frolic of Georgia-Florida week.

Fans wearing orange and blue or red and black have set up their tables and grills with decorations, preparing for the party ahead.

Just walk around RV City for a few minutes and you will run into some interesting characters, a fun bunch.

" My name's George Jones... How ya doin baby?," said Ben Strickland of Aiken, South Carolina when asked his name. He finally gave it up, and said this was his 34th year in RV City. He's the one with the very realistic dog bark.

"Watch this... WOOF WOOF," Stickland said as he began to imitating a dog. His bark caught one reporter off guard earlier Wednesday evening.

" I saw you looking around your ankles , around your butt , worried about something, like where did he come from," said Strickland, already having a blast and it was only Wednesday.

Gary Williams of Macon, Georgia, a bulldogs fan since he was a child, is visiting RV City for just the third year, something he had to do.

" It was on my bucket list. Something we wanted to do, we started coming and enjoyed it, you can't beat the people down here "

Williams among several Bulldogs surrounding Gator fan Butch Newkirk.  "Big Sexy they call me," said Newkirk. 

Newkirk has an annual hat bet with Gary Williams.

"That's our bet hat (as a bulldog fan raised a huge bulldog head over his head) , I have had to put that hat on my head before and it was not a whole lot of fun.."

Newkirk has been coming to RV City for 10 years from Hilliard, and says he enjoys watching the game on TV among the many fans in RV City and won't even go inside the stadium for Saturday's game.

"Actually had tickets, gave them away to people that do want to go to the game, I'd rather sit out here it's a lot more fun to me hanging out with the people  who come out, actually 3/4 of the people out here don't go into the game," said Newkirk, who said he's followed the Gators since he was child growing up in Hilliard.

Tommy Robinson of Middleburg is one. He built a trailer with built-in stereo and satellite TV to watch the game outside with his longtime friends.

"The lines are a lot shorter for beverages, it's a lot more fun and don't have to wait in long lines for the rest rooms, just a lot of fun out here," said Robinson. He's been following the Bulldogs for years, was once a season ticket holder, and has been traveling to RV City for ten years and watching the game outside.

"We can hear when something big happens about three seconds before we see it on TV, so that is interesting."


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