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Georgia-Florida fans line up for RV City

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We are six days away from Georgia-Florida weekend but fans are already lining up for the big game.

"You can never come out too early," Bulldogs fan Charles Leveretter said.

Bright and early Sunday morning, more than 40 RVs were already lined up off Talleyrand Avenue, waiting to get into RV City when it opens 8 a.m. Wednesday.

"We got here yesterday about 3 o'clock," Leveretter said.

Folks up early let us check out some of their pre-tailgates. Jacksonville native Jennifer Leggett and her husband come out for every game but they're trying something new this year.

"We've been excited all year," Leggett said. "It's a huge tailgate. It's a lot of fun... but I've never camped on Talleyrand Avenue before."

It's their first time camping out at RV City.

"We're newbies going into the craziness," she said.

Peter Wells is setup nearby. His son just got his masters from University of Florida and is now an engineer at Eglin Airforce base. Since he's stuck at work, Wells came out to get the RV in line.

"He's already rented the space," Wells said. "He's going to have like 10 people in here I think."

Wells said his son is excited to see the game. "He's quite happy with their performance yesterday."

The 6-0 Gators' beating on the gamecocks was a hot topic.

"After the South Carolina game last night, who could be more excited?" one Gator fan said. Georgia fans naturally wished for a different outcome. "I would've much rathered South Carolina won last night but that's the way it goes," Leveretter said.

Also celebrating a win, the 4-1 Bulldogs who took out Kentucky, making the Georgia-Florida  rivalry all the more intense this year.

"It always comes down to this game," Leveretter said.

But things are just heating up.

"So far it's still early in the week, just feeling each other out," Leggett said. "So we haven't started the barking or the chomping but something tells me it's gonna come."


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