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Couple trapped in vicious health insurance dilemma

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When you're 32 years of age and physically fit, it is the last thing you would expect. 

"It is the headaches and my body is just in pain," said Carlos Blount.

Blount played Cornerback in college, ran marathons. But in March, his life changed dramatically. He suffered a stroke.

"I have memory issues now," he said, "and I can't be a father to my family.

Blount is a husband and a father of three and now he finds himself in a place he never imagined.

"I'm still employed, but I can't go back to work," he said.

Blount has been on medical leave from his employer, a major chain, but in July, his health insurance was terminated unexpectedly.

"I'm still employed and active, but I don't get any pay and I don't get any insurance. It has been like that since July," he said.

Blount went from short-term disability coverage to no coverage at all.

"They're denying the benefits that we've enrolled in," said Kayla Blount.

Kayla Blount, his wife of eight years, said it has been hard on their family.

"When I contact HR, I'm being told to contact benefits," she said, "but benefits is telling me to contact insurance and insurance is telling me to contact HR."

They're now waiting on their Human Resource Department, but it is October and nothing has changed. Blount says her husband can't get his medications and her asthmatic daughter can't get her inhalers.

"We're on our last inhaler," she said.

The Blounts feel trapped in a vicious cycle with no way out.

"I just want the company to do what is right," she said, "If we're following their processes and we're paying for these benefits, I don't understand why they're not honored.


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