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UFL Players: Show me the money!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Would you go to work without getting paid?

That's the question a Florida sports agent is asking his UFL players.

"I have sent half a dozen emails, at least a dozen phone calls and text messages that have gone unanswered," said Sports Agent David Canter.

He's at the end of his rope.

He has 3 players signed to the United Football League, each earning $28,000 per season.

But after weeks of practicing and their first game, not one of them has been paid a dime.

"The coaching staff has told the players they will be paid Thursday, but there's a game tomorrow night," he said.

So for now, he's telling his players not to take the field.

The UFL doesn't have a team in Jacksonville, but their headquarters are downtown.

No one was at the office Tuesday, and multiple calls for comment were not returned.

A spokesman for the league tells First Coast News they intend to honor the player's paychecks, but to Canter the road to injury is paved with good intentions.

"It's also what they're risking. They're risking torn ACLs, shoulder surgeries, possibly never getting to play pro football again, so for them to be out there and not getting compensated is very disturbing to me," he said.  

He says he's supported the league since it first got off the ground 4 years ago, but now he's having doubts.

"I think there's a fundamental problem with the league, it should be a spring league, a developmental league, it should be run as a minor league to the NFL with the same plays and the same terminology, and allowing teams to sign players whenever they want from the UFL up to the NFL," he said.


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