EverBank Field could host high school games next year | News

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EverBank Field could host high school games next year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A new proposal in the City of Jacksonville could put high school players out on EverBank Field.

"Coming out of that tunnel, there might be 1,500 people there, but I would feel like there's a million," said Bishop Kenny football player Ahmad Fulwood.

It's a chance to play at the big leagues.

Fulwood can see EverBank Stadium from his high school field, now he might get to play at it.

"It just makes you want to get to that level, get a level higher! It makes you want to compete to the best of you ability every night," he said.

"For a high schooler to play where the pros play is just a thrill of a lifetime, so that's what we want to do," said Jacksonville Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment Alan Verlander.

He says bringing high school games to EverBank Field is a real possibility next season.

He's already talked to Athletic Directors in the area, now they just have to make it happen.

"There is a financial component to this, to open the facility and work with the manager, there is a cost, but I think we can work on figuring it out," he said.

It would be a throwback for Jacksonville football players.

In the 60's and 70's high schoolers played out on the Gator Bowl field, and this proposal could give today's players that shot!

"It would be crazy! Playing at a future place that I'm going to play at, that would be great," said Fulwood.

Already committed to the Gators, Fulwood will likely play on EverBank Field in next year's Florida/Georgia game.






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