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Fans and business leaders weigh in on Jags' London games

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Business leaders believe the Jaguars going on the road to London for games will open up doors and possible business deals for the First Coast. Fans expressed some disappointment on losing one home game, but see the benefits of the Jags going international.

"I think at the end of the day, it is not going to be cool to miss out on one our eight games, but you got to take risks with rewards," said Jags fan John Caputo.

The owner of the Burrito Gallery, Paul Shockey, says you have to see the big picture.   

"Obviously disappointed to lose an event that produces income for us ... Whatever is good for the team is going to be good for us. What is good for the city is good for us," said Shockey, who for seven years has been a vendor at all homes games.

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce sees the Jags' London games over the next four seasons as opening eyes in Europe to the First Coast.

"When you have our NFL team playing in Europe, it will really make people ask the question 'where is Jacksonville?'" said Jerry Mallot, who heads up the chamber.

Mallot says the exposure will open eyes to the First Coast and Jacksonville, as the international business community is exposed to a city that may not currently be one their radar.

Vincent McCormack, who owns Perdue Office Interiors, sees nothing but pluses with the Jags' decision to play one home game overseas.

"The exposure we will get globally will be huge," said McCormack, who joined the chorus of the business community believing Jags football in London is a win-win for the city.  


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