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Mother perplexed about Jaguars disabled seating policy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Lisa Russell went to order three Jaguars tickets to sit with her disabled son and husband in the handicapped section at EverBank Field. She was told that could not happen. She was perplexed because it had never been a problem before.

James Russell is 15 years old and has cerebral palsy. He loves the Jaguars and Gators and wants to attend the Jaguars-Jets game and see Tim Tebow. His mother couldn't believe what she heard when she tried to buy tickets.

"We have a family of three and we'd all like to sit together, but they are saying we just can't sit together because they can only sell us one companion seat, so the other person would have to sit somewhere else," said Russell. "They would try to put us close together, but you don't know where that third person would be. 

"It doesn't make sense. If they want to sell tickets, they need to accomodate that. To me, this is some kind of discrimination against people in wheelchairs."

James was not happy to hear he could not sit with his mother and father at the game. 

"I think it's unfair," he said, "and you should be able to sit with your family."

Russel is perplexed because they have been able to sit together before at other games.

"Just wondering why all of a sudden now we can't sit together as a family," she said.

Macky Weaver told First Coast News he does not know how this happened. It doesn't make sense because that is not their policy. They do have multiple companion seating in the disabled section in the north end zone. 

"It must be some kind of misunderstanding," Weaver said. He also said they had no record of her call.

But Lisa Russell told First Coast News that she first contacted Ticketmaster and was told about the policy and was directed to call the Jaguars ticket office. She did that, and said she got the same story there.

Weaver said Ticketmaster has tickets in their system only for handicapped seating along the sidelines behind the 100 level seats. That area is allowed just one companion seat with one wheelchair.

Ticket operations manager Jim Scott did contact Russell and she was able to buy three tickets in the handicapped section in the north end zone. She was also provided a handicapped parking space.  


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