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Massive new courthouse with only one handicap parking spot?

Jacksonville, Fla -- Hundreds of people come to the Duval County courthouse Monday through Friday, but outside there is only one handicap parking space.

How can that be?

We took that question to the director of parking for the City of Jacksonville Jack Shad.

"In the downtown setting, if you don't have a parking lot, the state law is you have to provide one parked handicapped space per building, but any parallel parking space on the street can act like a handicapped parking space," tells Shad.

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People with the handicap sticker or hanging tag can park at a meter for up to four hours free.  If you have a disabled veterans tag you can park at the meters all day for free.

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Shad also said that there are 40 available handicap parking spaces in the parking garage across the street from the new courthouse.  He said so far the city has not received any complaints about the handicap parking situation, but they could add more spots out front if needed.


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