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Fresh vegetables & fresh start for Farmer's Market merchant

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Right off Beaver Street in Jacksonville sits the oldest Farmer's Market in Florida.  It not only offers fresh fruit and vegtables at a good price but also offers one merchant a second chance at life by giving back to the community.

Since 1938, the Jacksonville Farmer's Market has provided fresh fruits and vegetables to the people of the River City.  It has also provided a fresh start for Jerrel Murray.  Murray gets up at 4am to stock his stand.  But it wasn't long ago that he was roaming the streets at that early morning hour. "I said to myself either you're going to be out there on the streets on you're going to do something to change your life," says Murray.

Murray, his brother and a friend, Jacksonville businessman Reggie Lewis, opened Brother's Produce last November. "Whatever you put into it you get out of it. You just have to work hard and you got to go for it.  The sky is the limit. I think he's really caught a hold of that," says Lewis

Murray's only product 6 months ago was collard greens, now he has a plethora of produce.  "We have squash, sweet potatoes, okra, tomatoes onions, bell peppers, cucumbers and watermelons," says Murray.

Murray also expanded where people can buy his product.  He has set up another produce stand about 10 blocks away from the Farmer's Market near Edison and Stockton.  It's right next to Ms. Betty's Chicken and Seafood, also owned by his friend, Reggie Lewis, "We give them a smorgasbord of options. Go eat some friend chicken and then come over to get some healthy produce," says Lewis. "A few people who live around this area, believe it or not, have not been to the Farmer's Market and for them to be able to come over here and get Farmer's Market fresh quality at a Farmer's Market prices. I think that's a plus," says Murray.

In areas know as food deserts, Jerrel Murray and Reggie Lewis are giving people a choice. They're changing eating habits and for Murray changing his life. 

The Farmer's Market will hold its "Summer Fun and Wellness Festival" sponsored by St. Vincent's Healthcare on Saturday, June 2nd.  They'll have live cooking demonstrations, live entertainment, health information and face painting for the kids. It's from 10am till 2pm and it's free.








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