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Final Day at the Old Courthouse

JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- Friday marks the last day of business at the Duval County Courthouse on East Bay Street. Boxes are outnumbering the amount of people inside the building as the massive move begins.

"I woke up this morning thinking about it and it seems like an end of an era," said employee Lisa Smith.

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It is a sentimental move for many employees. Since 1958, court employees and members of the public have walked through the doors and as of 5 p.m., those doors are closed for good.

"We are here more than we are at home with our families. This is a family, this is home," said Rena Stroy, who has worked at the courthouse for 31 years.

More than 50 years of files are being moved. In all the moving, Mike Kreitzer, who works in maintenance, says employees found a time capsule that dates back to the courthouse Duval County had before 1958.

Employees found pictures and mementos inside the time capsule, and they added a few things from the move and the capsule will be sealed up inside the new courthouse for a future generation to find.

"Oh man it is a big dust bowl right now, really stirring up things," told Kreitzer,"You don't realize how much stuff is in here until you start seeing that. It's a lot."

Juvenile court decided to end their time at the courthouse on a very uplifting note. Judge David Gooding presided over the adoption of three children.

"So many positive things have happened here, so many tragic things have happened here, but today, this building will witness as its final hearing a very positive thing and that is the creation of a forever family," told Judge Gooding

He added that he will open his court on May 29 in the new courthouse with another adoption.

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