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What Women Want: Fertility Foods

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Trying to get pregnant can be a trying time for couples, but research shows certain foods can help make you more fertile.

According to Misha Biden, a registered dietitian at Shands Jacksonville's Healthy Start program, an overall healthy diet makes a woman's body better prepared for a baby.

"As soon as you're trying to get pregnant I would say focus on good healthy eating," explained Biden.

She suggests women increase their intake of "healthy" fats like those found in fatty fish, olive oil and nuts.

Iron is also an essential ingredient to healthy conception.  Biden said women should add lots of green, leafy vegetables and beans to their diets.

There are also some fertility busting foods that mom hopefuls should avoid:

-Trans fats-such as those in fried or highly processed foods



-Coffee (more than one to two cups per day)

Soda and Coffee make the "no" list because they can contain high levels of caffeine, which is known to reduce fertility.

Biden believes women should start taking a multivitamin while they are working to become pregnant so that they can build up folic acid for the pregnancy.

"I recommend just taking small, little steps," said Biden.  "Making those overall changes throughout the nine months and talking to a dietitian if you do have questions."

Foods for Your Man

Women aren't the only ones who can eat fertility foods to help them get pregnant.

Biden suggests that men need to beef up on zinc and vitamin c.  Those vitamins can help with sperm production and quality.

Snacking on orange juice, bell peppers, strawberries and cantaloupe will boost your levels of vitamin C.  Oysters, meat, poultry and nuts will help men get their needed amount of zinc.

What to Eat When You're Expecting

Once a woman becomes pregnant, Biden suggests eating:



-Dairy products including, low fat milk, yogurt and cottage cheese

"When you are pregnant, the baby can actually take calcium from your own bones," Biden said.


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