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COJ Courthouse Project Faces New Delays

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two new delays for justice in Jacksonville.

One could take weeks and one could take years.

"The building is for all practical purposes complete," explained city council member Bill Bishop of the city of Jacksonville's new courthouse.

But Bishop admits there are some lingering questions. 

"Who's going to pay for what furniture? How much is it going to cost? Where's it going to come from? Where's everybody going to park?" Bishop rattled off.

Bishop said the new courthouse, which is over budget and behind schedule, is expected to be completed in May.

Though, he believes, that's not when it will open.

"I would be suspicious of a move-in date in May," Bishop said. "I would say, I'm going to guess, probably another two months after that. Just because of the effort it will take to physically move everything."

One department not planning its move is the State Attorney's office, which is slated to go into the old federal courthouse.

Renovations to that building, across the street from the new courthouse, were originally scheduled to be done at the same time. But Bishop said a change in the contract, meant a change of plans.

Those plans now include a move-in estimate of 2014, leaving some serious logistical concerns for the State Attorney's office.

Employees will have to trek back and forth from the current building at 220 E. Bay Street to the new courthouse at 311 W. Monroe Street. nine blocks away.

The courthouse is currently in the same building as the State Attorney's office.

"How are they going to do that? Where are they going to park? How are they physically going to move back and forth?" Bishop questioned. "And now they'll have to do it for a little bit longer time. "

First Coast News requested an interview with State Attorney Angela Corey, but were told she would not be commenting Monday night.

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