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26.2 With Donna Achieves Weaver Challenge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --  Back in July of 2011, Delores Weaver issued a marathon challenge to 26.2 With Donna The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer.

"For 24 years, Wayne and I have raised money for cancer research in Boston, and I thought why not come home and support Donna's work," explained Delores Weaver.

And so the marathon challenge was issued.  If participants in the marathon could raise 100-thousand dollars more than they did last year in personal fundraising dollars, the Weavers, through their Family Foundation would match another 100-thousand.

And the runners were up to the task. Some simply asked everyone they know to give five dollars.

There was a marathon surfing session, which set a new Guinness World Record and raised thousands of dollars.

And two runners decided to jump from a plane to raise money.

"That was the most afraid I've ever been in my life," said Dawn Hagel, after her jump. "Can you imagine how scared a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer would be?  At least I got to leave happy. That's what I want for every woman when we finish breast cancer."

On February 8th, four days before the marathon, the Weaver Challenge was met.  More than 350-thousand in donations and counting.  When the fundraising deadline passes on March 31st, the funds raised by the runners will be added to the proceeds from race registration fees.  All of it going to bench top breast cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic, and to meet the needs of the under served with breast cancer through the Donna Foundation.

To donate to 26.2 With Donna go to www.breastcancermarathon.com and click on the make a donation link.

And look for Wayne And Delores Weaver On Sunday February 12th.  They will be on the beach, as they are every year, to cheer on the runners as they pass.


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