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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Responds to Hazing Allegations

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity made news Tuesday after alleged hazing incidents led to the fraternity's suspension at the University of Florida.  Now First Coast News has learned that the frat stopped membership intake back in Jan. 2010, after another hazing incident at a small Georgia college.

Alpha Phi Alpha suspended its Fort Valley State University chapter for five years in 2009, for allegations of hazing there.

According to reports from our sister station WMAZ in Macon, Ga., that incident resulted in the reported victim suffering from back and kidney problems.

In early 2010, shortly after this incident, Alpha Phi Alpha General President Herman Mason, Jr. sent a memo to all frat chapters issuing a moratorium on new member intake, stating that  " became clear to me that one area that needs our immediate focus is the conduct of brothers involved in the intake process." 

It's unclear when the fraternity began accepting new pledges again.

Now, regarding the recent UF allegations.  The fraternity sent us a written statement from Mason about this case.   "We have issued a Cease and Desist order to our local chapter and will commence an investigation of the allegation. We will cooperate with law enforcement in our effort to bring to justice those who may have violated the law," it states.

"Alpha Phi Alpha continues to aggressively confront the issue of hazing. We recognize that hazing is a persistent social scourge that has proven time and time again to be difficult to eradicate and too dangerous to tolerate.  Alpha Phi Alpha does not condone hazing!" Mason continued.

Mason also stated his fraternity has programs to recognize, prevent and address hazing.

And it look as though the fraternity hasn't had any trouble in the past adhering to those programs.  Dave Kratzer, VP for Student Affairs said, "We've really had a good relationship with them.  The University of Florida has had a very strong record I think of first taking educational steps and working with our student groups, and this is really an anomaly for us in our history."


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