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Group Breaks the Silence on Child Sex Abuse

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- From the steps of the Police Memorial Building, you could hear the promise to stop child sex abuse.

"No more -- silent crimes, silent children," the crowd of more than one hundred chanted.

"I am a victim. I have five perpetrators," said Renee Matt.  She is one of 23 women asking police to investigate and prosecute their childhood abusers.

The women delivered their request for prosecution forms to JSO Tuesday morning.  They say it step one in breaking the silence.  Some in the crowd carried signs noting "I told on you."

"They make you feel as though you don't have a voice.  And you are so young, you're a child and you don't know what to say. You don't know who to go to," said Matt.

Now 46-years-old, Matt says she has found her voice, and she's not afraid to talk about what happened to her from nine-years-old until she turned 21-years-old.

"I want to see this crime end. I want it to stop," said Matt.

Matt is part of the group called ReClaim Global, which organized the protest.  Their goal is to draw attention to a growing problem.

"Sex abuse is rampant. It is epidemic. It is like a virus," said Dr. Kaye Smith of ReClaim.

The group wants new laws for protection and wants to encourage other victims to speak up.

"The majority of these women, 86% of them, were molested before they were 12. That is the magic number. There is no statute of limitations," said Dr. Smith.

Their message they say is simple, police need to pay attention and abusers need to watch out.

"May God have mercy on your souls and may your souls soon find rest on a lumpy mattress in a prison cell," said Smith.



































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