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Jaguars Get National Attention...In the Onion

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jaguars, playing in one of the NFL's smallest media markets, got national attention last weekend as two other teams were playing for the title.

The satirical publication "The Onion" took note of the Jaguars' coaching and quarterback situations.

"Jacksonville Jags To Go Without A Head Coach For 2012," screams the farcical headline.

"The Onion" added a phony interview with General Manager Gene Smith, who "said" the difference between having a head coach and not having a head coach was "negligible."

The article also suggested the team might not need a quarterback.


In reality, the Jaguars struggled on offense with rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert to the point the coaching staff has been overhauled heading into the offseason.


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