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Customer Discovers JEA's Website Info Outdated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Abra Billings pays attention to the details when it comes to paying her monthly bills and the JEA bill gets even closer scrutiny.

"It is probably one of my least favorite bills to receive," she said.

In January, it was higher than the previous month, increasing from $62 to $155. Billings went to the JEA's website looking for an explanation.

"I saw a page dedicated to people who are upset about having high bills, and on that page it said that this winter was cooler than last winter," said Billings.

But it isn't.

Billings compared the JEA's information to the data from the National Weather Service. "I checked out the facts. I created a full Excel spreadsheet and everything, and it simply is not true," she said.

The National Weather Service at the Jacksonville International Airport keeps records. "We do see a dozen freezes on average here, but it has tended to be a warmer winter (in 2012) than last year," said Pete Wolf, a meteorologist at the weather service.

So what happened? JEA spokesperson Gerri Boyce.

"That information was to help our customers last year. Unfortunately, it is just one of those things that we missed when we were updating the site," said Boyce.

"As we speak we are updating the site with current information."

Boyce called it an oversight detected and corrected because Billings took a closer look at her electric bill - something Billings said every customer should do.  


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