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Video Vigilante Catches Kids Unattended in Car | VIDEO

LAKE CITY, Fla. -- It's a stunning video.

A First Coast News viewer shot it in a Lake City parking lot and it shows two toddlers in the backseat of a car.

There are no parents in sight and the kids are seen crying.

We blurred out their faces to protect their identity.

"That video is disturbing and we're thankful one of your First Coast News viewers shared that. We began an investigation as soon as you notified us of that video," John Harrell with the Department of Children and Families said.

The video continues for more than a minute, when an adult finally arrives at the car.

"Is that your car? I've reported this to the police department. You're being videotaped," the video vigilante said.

Harrell said it's never OK to leave kids in a car unattended, even for just a few seconds.

"They might be thinking they will just be away a short time, but something bad could happen. So we urge all parents never leave your kids in a car unaccompanied ever. It's not safe," Harrell said.









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