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Jacksonville, Police Reach New Proposal, Agree on Pay Cut

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville police union representatives have tentatively agreed on a new proposed contract, which includes a three percent pay cut for all members for the next three years.

The city of Jacksonville and the Fraternal Order of Police have been deadlocked over a contract for months.

The city initially wanted a four percent pay cut and four percent freeze in steps.

Under the new proposed contract, steps will not be frozen. Members will now pay five percent toward health insurance, starting Jan 1, 2012, according to Teresa Eichner, FOP spokesperson. That's when the pay cut will begin as well.

The health care contribution is capped at $30 per month.

The 3 per cent pay cut will mean an average cut of $1400 for  officers.

"Nobody wants to take any kind of pay cut, but based on the economic times that we're in now, I think it's the best I could get my members to agree to," said FOP President Nelson Cuba.

"We know there's going to be shortages in the budget next year, so we want to make sure we're doing our part to help with those shortages," he said.

The FOP plans to vote on the proposal next week and they'll make the results of those votes public every night. Cuba will be out selling it to his membership before the vote. "I don't want this to just pass, I want it to overwhelmingly pass, show  the support fo the membership and let us move forward."

Mayor Alvin Brown was proud the two sides could reach an agreement. The City Council would have met Thursday morning to make a final decision on the contract if no agreement was reached.

"I am excited about it," said Mayor Brown. " A great oppurtunity for the city, a great day for city employees. It gives us an oppurtunity to continue to move forward, to take the city to the next level. "


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