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Man Arrested for Selling Moonshine

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- State alcohol agents arrested a Jacksonville man who they said was selling moonshine from a barbecue stand on Beaver Street the morning of the Gator Bowl game.

Two state agents working a detail before the game approached a stand operated by Michael Freeman, 44, of Jacksonville, around 10:50 a.m., according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report. They both walked away with two beverages and a hot dog.

One agent purchased a shot of vodka and another purchased a shot of moonshine. Agent Dianne Stanley asked for Grey Goose vodka and was advised by the suspect it was moonshine, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Other agents returned to the stand and observed a 1.75 liter bottles of Grey Goose, Canadian Whiskey and Absolute Vodka on a table in plain view, the report said.

According to JSO, the suspect admitted to police he did not have a state beverage license, was selling alcohol and possessed moonshine whiskey.

Agents found two large vodka bottles of moonshine and 17 miniature bottles of moonshine whiskey, over a gallon of moonshine. Freeman said he had gone to Macon, Ga., to purchase two gallons of moonshine for $70.

Police seized the alcohol and Freeman's 2004 Ford Explorer used to transport the alcohol. Freeman was taken to the Duval County jail and charged with possession of moonshine, and concealing beverage with the intent of defrauding the state of tax revenue. He was also charged with trafficking a controlled substance.

Police found a bottle of 60 Lortabs with no prescription attached to the bottle, the report said.


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