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Jaguars Prospective Owner Shahid Khan Known for Business, Charity

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Now that we know his name, many people are wondering about the Jaguars soon-to-be owner, Shahid Khan.  First Coast News did a little digging and found a couple areas where Khan likes to go big:  business and charity.

At the age of 16, a young Shahid Khan came to America from Pakistan.  It was 1967, and Khan focused on his engineering studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While he was in school, he started working for the Flex-N-Gate Corporation.  Ten years later, he bought that company, and built it into a worldwide nearly $3 billion mega-corporation, employing more than 10,000 people.  Nearly two-thirds of all North American pick-up trucks and S-U-V's use bumper systems based on Khan's designs.

The University of Illinois honored Khan for his contribution to the business world, and Khan has given back to his alma mater, by giving generous contributions, and serving on a number of boards.

The State of Illinois also recognized Khan.  Earlier this year, the state awarded him the Order of Lincoln Award, which honors people who contribute to the "betterment of humanity."

The Khan family, Shahid, his wife Ann and their two children, Tony and Shanna, have also made significant contributions to enrich the cultural experience in Illinois.  Now, many are excited about what Khan's impact will be here on the First Coast.

Mayor Alvin Brown said he's excited to meet Jacksonville's newest resident.  Even though there is nothing in writing requiring Khan to keep the Jags here, the Mayor said he believes Jacksonville offers a lot to entice the new owner to stay.  Brown said he'll do his part to keep Khan and the Big Cats here.

"I'm going to make sure he gets a tour of the city. I'm going to make sure he meets all the key stakeholders in the community. I think that's important. And make sure he knows Jacksonville is a destination, and he's going to be able to work with a mayor who believes in the Jaguars," Mayor Brown said.



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