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Old Artesian Well Springs Leak In Nation's Oldest City

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city, has a old problem buried beneath its streets, aging artesian wells.

"We have wells that just get old," said David Swindull.


Swindull is a well expert with East Coast wells and pumps and was called in to stop the leak from an artesian well on Grant Street.

"There's a temporary plug in the well now and it was flowing about 300 gallons a minute," he said.

Jennifer Clark lives in one of the apartment buildings near the well, she said it had been running for 24 hours.

"Everything was flooded about two feet or more; it is above my knees in the back completely under water," said Clark.

The rising water was one problem, Clark says the strong sulphur odor was another.

"The bedroom upstairs smell horrible, downstairs smell horrible, you have to air out the sulphur from the artesian well," she said.

The well is about 300 feet deep; Clark said she would like it sealed completely so this doesn't spring a leak again.

"It would fill your bathtub up in about two seconds, no exaggeration, that's how much was coming out," said Clark.

Swindull said it will take a few days and a more than a truck of cement for East Coast wells to seal the artesian well permanently.

"We'll pump that cement to the bottom of the well filling it from the bottom to the top so we can secure the flow and shut the well off so we won't have this problem anymore," said Swindull.

The St. Johns County Environmental Health Department said the property owner will pay for the sealing of the well.



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