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$60 and T-Shirts? Should Cruise Do More for Lost Baggage?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Fascination is supposed to be 70,000 tons of fun, but Frank and Loretta Bennett, who have been on eight cruises before, describe their recent experience on the cruise ship as horrible.

"I will tell all my friends," said a tearful Loretta Bennett. 

It was a five-day cruise from Jacksonville to the Bahamas to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Bennett said before they could hit the high seas she was told her luggage never set sail.

"Once we gave it to them, boarding the ship, I haven't seen it since," she said.

Bennett said the lost luggage contained her new clothing for the cruise.

"I didn't have any clothes; all I had on is what I have now," she added.

Their friends Spencer and Dorothy Jones were also on the cruise. "To go up to your room and not have those new clothes, it has got to be devastating," said Spencer Jones.

To settle the lost luggage, Carnival Cruise gave Bennett a letter providing a credit of $59.75 of her fare. "You can't buy a pair of shoes for that," she said.

The cruise line also gave her a 20 percent discount on items in the ship's store and three T-shirts. "We had to ask for that. She had to ask for the T-shirts. She needed something to wear," said Frank Bennett.

His wife was given free rental of evening wear so she could sit at the captain's table. She is wearing the evening outfit in the one picture she has of the cruise.

Carnival also gave her a 25 percent discount on her next cruise, which she said she has no plans to use.

Since it was their 50th wedding anniversary and she has used the cruise line before, Bennett said her disappointment lies in how in the cruise line reacted.

"If they had given me a voucher to go down and get a couple of outfits, just a couple outfits, it would have been okay. I could have switched, but not to do anything but to give me three T-shirts and $59, I don't think that was fair," said Bennett.

Carnival Cruise spokesperson Laurie Mahle said at noon today that the company is looking into the matter and will be in touch with us shortly.

Maritime attorney Rod Sullivan said the fine print of the cruise ticket defines the relationship between the passenger and the cruise company. He said there is a limit on what the cruise line will do.

"If you read the terms, you will see they lose a passenger's bag. The passenger is entitled to $50 a bag or $100 per stateroom and that's maximum recovery," said Sullivan.  
















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