17 Arrested in Cocaine Ring Bust; Cash, Drugs, Guns Taken | News

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17 Arrested in Cocaine Ring Bust; Cash, Drugs, Guns Taken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police have arrested 17 people in a large drug bust announced today.

Four people are still wanted in Operation Dot Com, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Several agencies participated in the bust of a cocaine ring in Jacksonville believed to be responsible for $6 million in cocaine annually.

PICTURES: Mugshots from Operation Dot Com

Operation Dot Com netted 17 arrests, drugs, $330-thousand dollars cash, and 9 guns.

The investigation started early this year, when Jacksonville police officers got a tip about a local man: George Waziri.

That's his nickname, dot. And so his street name is dot. So we called it operation dot com," said Sheriff John Rutherford.

JSO, along with FDLE and Homeland Security started watching Waziri and his contacts.

"Waziri had developed a close network to buy and sell cocaine and marijuana in Jacksonville," he said.

Police say the dealers would mail the drugs to Jacksonville from Mexico and then use 4 women to fly the profits back.

Police finally caught Wizeri driving a rental car. Police say they found 72-thousand dollars in drug money in a hidden panel inside.

His arrest led detectives to an even bigger dealers in Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona.

While the Sheriff says there wasn't a specific area in Jacksonville getting the drugs, the operation affected everyone.

"Drugs are the nexus for a lot of the violence in our community," he said.

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