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Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels Goes on Rant about Human Rights

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Councilwoman Kimberly Daniels went on a rant about human rights issues during the early morning hours today as the city council worked to finalize the city budget.

Daniels, at-large councilwoman for Jacksonville, made some comments regarding homosexuality, then linked city Human Rights Commissioner Parvez Ahmed with terrorists.

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A proposal had been made earlier in the meeting to cut funds to the commission and eliminate it. Daniels began her comments with a statement about equality and giving gay people unfair protections.

"Some groups want more than equality, they want favoritism. There are laws especially, if someone was to get in a fight with a homosexual they would get more time simply because that person was a homosexual," she said.

"When you have people of faith that stand for what they believe, they should have a right also to their freedom of religion," said Daniels.

Daniels then focused on Ahmed, dredging up old opposition to his appointment:

"I would have supported that, based on information that I have concerning some strong contacts with terrorists; communications and some lawsuits and judgments that were made in Texas and even more info with that and direct contact with a man who cut his wife's head off, and anyone who cuts his wife's head off, that doesn't have anything to do with human rights."

The proposal to cut funds from the Human Rights Commission failed.

When asked for a comment on Daniels' speech today, a council aide responded that Daniels is on medical leave through next week.

Ahmed said today of the speech that he didn't "know what she is talking about."

"We don't want to fight yesterday's battles today. We should respect past decisions. It is clear the city wants to move forward.," said Ahmed

Daniels was elected to the city council as a Group One At-Large Council member in May. She is a pastor, founder of Spoken Word Ministries, and has said she is a former drug addict and prostitute.


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