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Tenants: We have a big mice problem in our apartment

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Darrell and Teri Sibley moved into Kings Ridge Apartments in April and they're ready to move out.


"There are some in the closet now," said Teri Sibley, "we put a trap out this morning and already caught three."

The Sibleys have a vermin problem that is out of control..

"In the past three months we have killed like 150, if not more," said Darrell Sibley.

His wife said the problem is so bad she is afraid to open the pantry door. We did and that's where we found three dead mice.

"It is embarrassing," said Sibley. "My parents came for Thanksgiving because a rat came out on the stove we couldn't have it."

Karen Christopher lives upstairs and has a similar complaint.

"I don't know if they're coming in from under the door, but they're coming," she said.

Kisha is the resident manager. She declined to tell us her full name but she said they are aware that there is a vermin problem.

"We have pest control every Thursday," said Kisha. "We try to address every complaint."

The Pest Control company is Ehrlich. Glenn Boyet is the spokesperson.

"There is a mice problem," said Boyet. "We visit the complex once a week and take direction from the management."

Boyet said his service technician is told what buildings to treat during his visits.

"We have sealed the access points from the outside," said Boyet, "we need to seal the crevices on the inside."

He said a mouse just needs a 1/4-inch space to get through.

Kings Ridge is operated by Jacksonville Affordable Communities. During the state's May 2014 inspection it met state standards, with a few minor violations.

Max Suter is president of the company.

"We try to be proactive," said Suter. "If there's a rodent problem we do not ignore it. I will pursue this with these tenants."

The Sibleys, who also cleaned the premises part time, said they have no choice but to move.

"I have to go," said Teri Sibley.

Florida landlord tenant act is very specific when it comes to vermin control. Tenants facing similar problems can file a complaint with the state HERE or call 1-800-435-7352.


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