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Jacksonville democrats disappointed with results

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- About 100 Jacksonville democrats gathered for an elections watch party at Havana Jax, the restaurant, hoping their candidate Charlie Crist would win.

"We already know what he's about," said Amess Johnson. "He's about us, everybody."

The democratic process also caught the eye of a political candidate from Gabon Africa.

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Bruno Ben Moubamba wants to be the next president of his native land in 2016. Speaking through his interpreter he said he was impressed with the process.

"The process in America is a very good one," said Moubamba. "We in Africa would die to have the same one."

But as the night went on, the local democrats hopes of sending Charlie Crist back to the governor's mansion dwindled.

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Neil Henrichsen chairs the local democratic party and said there are bright spot in the elections, at least in Duval County.

"We looked at what we did in 2010 and how we did here in the county and we did much better," said Henrichsen.

Shortly after Rick Scott was projected the winner, the democratic watch party was over, everyone began leaving. One lady mumbled next time.

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