Eldery couple forced to move after 28 years | News

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Eldery couple forced to move after 28 years

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Douglas and Mabel Hamilton are facing the toughest days of their married lives.


They are being told they have to move from the place they've called home for the past 28 years.

"This will probably be our last Christmas together," said Mabel Hamilton.

Douglas,83, is battling throat cancer. Mabel, 79, is worried and is at wits end.

"We can't sleep," she said. "He's lost about 10 pounds, I've lost 8 pounds. It is bad."

They own their mobile home and have always lived at the same location, Van Zile Avenue, until now. "My grandchildren grew up here," said Mabel.

A few months ago they received a letter from an attorney telling them the new property owner is not interested in being a landlord and will end their tenancy. They were given until October 31 to move.

"We don't know where to go," she said.

They've started packing, but there's so much to pack and they say their mobile home is too old to move; it was built in 1977.

"We cannot move it and we don't know what to do," she said.

They told the landlord's attorney their concern and the deadline was extended to December 26, but it doesn't change their dilemma.

They thought they would be at the same location until their death; the previous property owner wrote on their lease in 2009 that they could stay there indefinitely.

"She assured us that we could be here until we died," said Hamilton. "But she died last September."

And apparently so did the promise of staying indefinitely.

"We're old and not in good shape," she said. "So it has taken a toll on us."

Douglas and Mabel said they have put all of their sweat, money and heart into the place they now call home.

They said they just knew they would die while living in the same place called home, but now they realize that after December 26 they don't even know where they are going to live.


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