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Orange Park Veteran fighting VA for surgery and new medical facility

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Kathleen Pinson is a Navy veteran crying out to the Veterans Administration for help.


"It is hard for me to walk, bend, I have to live on the couch," said Pinson. "I can't get in the bed."

Pinson, 52, said she has been trying to get the VA to schedule a surgical procedure and it has yet to happen.

"Do what needs to be done it has been going on since September 21," she said.

She said all she has received from the VA is one consultation after another, there is more scheduled in this week at the VA's Gainesville facility.

"When are they going to scheduled the surgery? February, January," she said, "I'm having a hard enough time making it day to day."

Pinson served in the Navy from 1982-86. She was given an honorable discharge. Today she suffers from PTSD, depressive disorder and physical pain in her abdomen. She has shortness of breath when she speaks.

"It is pain," she said, "and disappointment."

Debra Schlick, her neighbor has become her source of strength.

"I check on her to make sure she is okay and bring her food," said Schlick.

Schlick, a former nurse, has also become her advocate.

"I don't understand if she lives in Clay County why she can't transfer her VA to a VA that is local to her home," she said.

Pinson used to live in St. Augustine and was being treated at the VA clinic there, but now she lives in Orange Park. She said she asked for her care to be transferred to the Jacksonville facility and was told no.

"It is like an act of Congress to get it changed," she said.

She also filed a disability claim for her PTSD with the VA. It was denied, the VA said there is no evidence showing it is service connected. Pinson has filed an appeal.

We've contacted the VA to see if Pinson can transfer from the St. Augustine Clinic to Jacksonville medical facility, we are waiting on a response.

"I'm tired," said Pinson. "I'm tired of fighting."


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