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Hart Felt ministries has heart, needs funds

ID=17456751JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When it comes to need, it can be found everywhere -- behind a gated community, an urban neighborhood or a middle class subdivision.

"Our payment to stay here is cheaper than it is to rent," said Belinda Hatcher, who lives with her family in a Jacksonville suburb.

Hatcher has become her mother's caregiver.

"She (mom) has dementia and early onset Alzheimer's," she said.

Their home needs repairs both inside and out but they don't have the money to do them.

"It is stressful because I have a problem with anxiety I have some disorders," said Hatcher.

Hatcher said she turned everywhere for help but there was none. She even tried to get a loan, but did not qualify.

Right now, she is using duct tape in the shower to keep the tiles from falling.

"The green board behind is rotten so it wants to cave out," she said. "Then we are concerned about mold behind the wall."

The homeowners' association has contacted them about the condition of the walls and has been patient. Recently, Hatcher heard about Hart Felt Ministries and reached out for help.

"Maybe this is the answer from God," she said.

The faith-based nonprofit responded.

"Our first step is to have a licensed contractor come in and do a complete assessment," said Robey Stewart.

Stewart said the next step is to find the resources.

"We currently have 211 active clients and about the same number of volunteers, that's the nice side," said Stewart. "The not-so-nice side is we have over 500 people on our waiting list."

A waiting list that needs more funding and more volunteers. Stewart said Hart Felt Ministries is trying to preserve the homes and the independence of families.

"These are folks that are trying to stay in their homes," he said.

A fundraiser is planned Oct. 25 at Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club. It is their biggest fundraiser of the year and they have simple goals: raise enough money and recruit enough volunteers to meet the need of their clients.

How to help:

The work on the Hatcher's home won't be completed for another six to eight weeks.


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