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Baker County hospital prepares for Ebola

ID=17379823MACCLENNY, Fla. -- Ed Fraser Memorial is a small hospital in rural Baker County, but they are preparing for Ebola just in case.

"We have identified a room that we have designated an Ebola room," said Dr. Patricia White.

Room 7 in the emergency department will be used to isolate a patient that may have the Ebola virus, it meets CDC guidelines.

"The probability is not zero," said White, "so we are just preparing."

Dr. White is medical director of emergency services. Fraser Memorial is a 25 bed facility, there are no infectious disease doctors on staff, and even though it is unlikely, everyone there knows it can happen.

"We are doing daily drills," said Lindi Farley.

Farley is Director of Nursing and her role is to get her team of nurses ready. The staff has been trained to asked certain questions during admitting. If the patient meets the criteria; the person is isolated and the staff puts on protective gear

"We have enough protective gear for everyone," she said.

Farley said as part of the training, her staff is already poised to response to patients with Flu like symptoms quick and effectively.

"We wear mask and gloves with all patients that present with flu like symptoms and we mask the patient," said Farley.

The drills are repetitive; the goal is to isolate a potential case and transfer the patient to a nearby facility with an infectious disease staff.

For now Fraser Memorial feels prepared.

"It is hard to say I feel adequately prepared when I feel like I need to do more," said Dr. White," I think we're still thriving to make sure everybody is safe and to protect the patient as well."


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