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Couple bitten by online dog buying scam

ID=17332193JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Rachel Manning was looking for a service dog and turned to the computer for help. She thought she had found the perfect pet but the end result only added to her depression.

"I bought the dog, but never got it," she said.

Manning has seizures and she is bi-polar and suffers with PTSD.

On October 1 she found a dog breeder's website, he was in Utah, and purchased a Bloodhound.

"'They said the will ship it for $200," she said.

The dog cost $500, the $200, delivery to her front door an extra $30.

"They sent me a confirmation from Oceans Animal the travel shipping," said Manning, "and I released the funds."

Mark, her husband, said they missed the signs that said the deal was too good to be true.

"We didn't investigate as well as we should have," he said.

Now he knows if they had done a simple search for the names Stella Rossty and Ocean Animals Travel Shipping service, it would have saved them $737.

"Three days later I was upset and crying," said Rachel Manning.

Her mental disorders set in; the pet that was supposed to be her soothing therapy was not coming.

"She was in a very deep depression," said Mark.

Several texts were sent to the seller demanding a refund, but nothing. She paid them using Reloadit cards; all she had to do was give them the card money and they were depleted.

"I tried to keep her out of the depressed state," he said, "I can't stand to see my wife in that condition, so I had to do something."

Mark Manning went back to the Internet, this time using due diligence, he found a legitimate breeder in Avella, Pennsylvania. This time they were not waiting for a shipper, they decided to drive to Pennsylvania and pick up the dog. It cost them another $500, but that did not matter.

"We have him and he's wonderful," said Manning, "he's a God send."

They named in Henry Bojangles and Rachel Manning said she is very happy.

"I don't think I've stopped giggling since I've had him," said Manning.

Mark and Rachel Manning said the lesson learned is always do your homework first; buy with your head and not with your heart.


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