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Man in bubble talks about his adventure at sea

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The person now referred to as the 'man in the bubble' traveled to Jacksonville Sunday, hoping to get his large plastic bubble back.

Reza Baluchi is a marathon runner. Monday, he left Miami in a hydro pod bubble with plans of traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. He was aiming to run in the bubble, all the way to Bermuda, a thousand miles away.

Baluchi, according to his website and YouTube videos, helped design and tested the bubble over a two year span.

In the bubble, he had supplies inside like power bars, a GPS, a satellite phone, water, and Gatorade. Sunday he said, "Everything inside bubble, I had."

Baluchi planned to be in the bubble for two weeks, arriving in Bermuda mid October. He also had a schedule. He said, "Daytime: sleeping. Nighttime: running."

Baluchi explained that earlier in the week, a fisherman named Bryan approached him in his bubble.

"Bryan, he saw me and thought I was an alien," Baluchi said Sunday.

An illegal alien. However, Baluchi is a native of Iran and now a U.S. citizen according to the Coast Guard.

He said, "Bryan asked me, 'You need help?' I said, 'I don't need help.'"

Baluchi said he was fine. However, the Coast Guard checked on him Wednesday, stating concerns about his lack of supplies. But Baluchi refused to leave his bubble, saying he was alright.

To his surprise Saturday morning, he saw a Coast Guard helicopter closing in on him.

"I said, 'Why is helicopter here?' I am confused," Baluchi said.

The Coast Guard said Baluchi's personal locating beacon was activated. The Coast Guard hoisted him from his bubble to a helicopter, 70 miles off the coast of St. Augustine and took him to the Coast Guard station in Clearwater.

Baluchi said he did not need to be rescued, and he thinks he accidentally hit the beacon's button.

"The Coast Guard asked me in the helicopter, 'you need water?' I said, 'no.' 'You hungry?' I said, 'no.' They checked my heart and everything was good," Baluchi said.

Sunday he took a bus to Jacksonville to pick up his bubble, that was for some reason in the River City.

Baluchi said he wants to try the adventure again, which aims to raise money for children in need.

He said, "My goal is to finish the trip. It's like chasing a dream."

Watch Good Morning America Monday morning to hear more from Baluchi.


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