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Woman facing cyber stalking charges after fake Facebook account

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Is your identity safe in social media? It is a great outlet to engage with family and friends, but a user can become the victim of identity theft with only a few key pieces of your personal information.


Stephanie Francis, 24, claims her identity was stolen on social media and used to create a fake Facebook account.

"How can someone like me protect themselves when in all essence when I'm the victim and I'm being charged with a crime," said Francis.

She loves social media but never thought the thing she loves could can get her in trouble.

"Someone created a Facebook with my name and picture on it," she said. "and has been stalking my ex-boyfriend."

Francis, who is married, said she was charged with cyber stalking. She said it has become her worst nightmare.

"I've been fighting that since July," she said.

She reached out to Facebook and law enforcement, but now her fight is in the courtroom. Francis said she has tried to find the phony Facebook account but it has been difficult.

"Anybody can create a social media page of you so kind of watch what you do on social media," she said.

She is still a Facebook user, she has created personal account under a different name. Francis goes to court, again, in November and hopes that she will be able to put this high tech nightmare behind her. Her message is simple.

"Be careful what you do on social media and it is not always what you do," she said. "You could end up in the same situation."

Three quick things you can do:

  1. Create a stronger password.
  2. Check your setting and make your site as private as possible.
  3. Limit the personal information you place on social media.


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