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Four names added to Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Wall

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- More than 1700 names are written on the Veterans Memorial Wall near Everbank Field. Lives all given for our freedom. On an overcast Memorial Day morning, four more names were added.

Deangelo Brown, Kejuan Haywood, Johnny Oliver and Dustin Curtiss.

Curtiss was a Marine, father avid runner and husband.

"He performed honors at hundreds of funerals for active duty and retired service members, which he always said was the greatest honor of his life," said Curtiss' wife during the ceremony.

Johnny Oliver was a sailor, killed in Bahrain last May. His wife is still dealing with his loss.

"Sometimes I wake up and I think, Johnny how am I going to do this? How am I going to go on without you? Then I think about it and we have to keep living for them, because if we keep talking about them and keep their memory alive, they will never die," she said.

Kejuan Haywood's parents spoke of their son's giving heart and kindess toward others.

"It is like he grew up overnight when he joined the Army. He went from a playful kid, nagging his sister, to a responsible adult," told his father.

Deangelo Brown's parents say they knew the possibilities when their son signed that dotted line.

"It was like when he took the oath, we took the oath. When he graduated, we graduated with him. So we knew the possibly outcome of serving in the military," said Brown's father.

Each man a hero, saluted by those who fought before them and remembered by those who will fight on after them. Their names and sacrifice will live on here, etched in our wall.

"For someone who knew that signing his name on that dotted line does not guarantee you come back home, but we have him home," said Brown's father through tears,"We have him home now."


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