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Panache Day Spa Owner tells her side

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When the Panache Day Spa in Orange Park closed unexpectedly, customers who recently purchased gift certificates were upset.

The owner, Yvonne Hill, posted on the store's Facebook page that the landlord had increased the rent and they could no longer stay in business.

Hill contacted On Your Side to express what she described as a tough decision.

"I love what I did," said Hill. "We did the best we could do, it was the economy that did us in."

Hill said for the past three years she went into personal debt, in excess of $100,000, to keep the business going.

She said the new landlord gave her a three day notice to vacate so she gathered her staff for a meeting and told them that she will have to close.

"Rather than increase prices," she said. "It was the only decision."

Hill choked up when she talked about her 26 years and nine months in business.

She said she was proud of the staff and the loyal customers she has served over the years.

She regrets it ended the way it did.

"I'm very sorry," said Hill. 


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