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Worried grandmothers sound off on holiday travel

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Whose house are you heading to when you've gone over the river and made it through those woods? 

Grandma's house... that's whose.

The U.S. Department of Transportation statistics say that 91% of travelers will be driving, about 39 million will be sharing the highways for Thanksgiving trips.

And you know that, on top of the bad weather up and down the east coast, it is going to have granny worried sick as you make your trip.

So we called a couple grandmothers about their Thanksgiving travel concerns as family makes their way home.

"We've had some snow flurries, but no accumulation," said Dorothy, a grandmother from Ohio.

She's not worried about the icy roads just yet, but does have some advice for Floridians that may be traveling to Ohio.

"You'll probably hit snow coming through the mountains," she said.

Another woman we spoke to by phone from South Carolina was pretty bold with her travel advice.

"When it starts to rain, people turn into idiots," Dy said from Dalzell.

She lives an hour from the country's busiest highway, Interstate 95, and at the crossroads of I-77, I-20 and I-26, all major passageways to parts across the U.S.

"I've got two words for everyone driving through here: slow down," said Dy.


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