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Crush and Destroy: Where you can drive tanks, crush cars

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. -- About an hour north of Atlanta, tucked into the beautiful Georgia foothills, is the tiny town of Blue Ridge.

It's a town folks visit for its nostalgic Main Street, and calming, serene natural surroundings. 

But set against all that peaceful nature, and post card worthy cityscape, is a sharp contrast just a mile or two up the road.

"This is Tank Town," said Todd Leibross as he showed his property off.

The name of his business says it all. It's a five acre dirt pit filled with British tanks and the carcasses of demolished cars.

"Yeah, these tanks are 30,000 pounds so they'll put a hurting on a car," Leibross said.

Anyone can come and operate his tanks. He gives a quick lesson on driving them and then cuts folks loose. 

For a price list, directions, and other information click here.

Leibross says most of his clients come from Atlanta businesses, and offices hosting team building exercises.

Many others are curious Floridians just passing through, who see the "Tank Town" signs on the road to the Tennessee mountains.

"Lots of folks just stop in," he said. "Lots of folks coming up on road trips with other destinations in mind will stop and check us out."


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