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Jags fans plan for alternate routes for gameday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars fans attending Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts are planning ahead to avoid potential bumper to bumper traffic. 

Thousands of drivers will have to find alternate routes to get Downtown now that the Mathews Bridge is closed indefinitely.

"After I found out the bridge was closed I was panicking," said Frank Sigmon, a season ticket holder for the Jaguars.

Sigmon is coming up with a plan to get to every home game from here on out.

"We love them to death. I love our team. We're going to every football game no matter what," said Sigmon.

The Florida Department of Transportation is working all weekend to assess the damage on the Mathews Bridge after a 51-thousand ton Navy ship hit the center span of the bridge. The collision has created detours for drivers like Bill Scott who have to take the bridge to get to work every day.

"It took me two hours and 45 minutes to get home when it could have took me 20 minutes going across the bridge," said Scott.

Scott says his usual 18-mile ride to and from work has turned into a 50-mile round trip. Sunday isn't any different, except he has to work and sit in traffic with Jags fans trying to get to the game.

"I have to get up and leave an hour early just to get work on time," said Scott.

The bridge isn't expected to be repaired for several weeks. So drivers who have to go Downtown every week like Spencer Rutledge does every Sunday for church, will have to find an alternate route they are comfortable with.

"We'll just go down Atlantic and get on I-95," said Rutledge.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office suggests eastbound detours out of Downtown take the Hart Bridge via the Union Street Expressway to the Sports complex exit.

Westbound detours take the Hart Bridge via Cesery Blvd to Atlantic Blvd.

Detours for Arlington-Fort Caroline, and Regency areas take I-95 North to Zoo parkway to the Dames Point Bridge

And Southside residents take I-95 South to the Emerson/University Blvd exits.

For more information on alternate routes click here.


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