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Explosive demonstration shows firework hazards

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- What happens when a firework does not go off as planned? The Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters showed First Coast News in a demonstration Wednesday morning.

Under the hot Florida sun, JAFF's Mark Treglio lit a firecracker in the hand of a mannequin.

A loud "POP, POP, POP" could be heard as the mannequin's shirt caught on fire.

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That firework was legal, but the dangers were clearly real. If not used properly, JAFF said you can get hurt.

"We do a lot of runs with burn injuries, explosive injuries. Trauma to the hands," JAFF's Randy Wyse said.

According to the department, on average, some firefighters see 20-30 calls in one day on the Fourth.

"Probably the most injuries we see when it comes to fireworks is children," Wyse explained.

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First For You, how can you tell the difference between a legal and an illegal firework?

"The only legal ones are anything that emits sparks or smoke or the little confetti things that you can pop out," Wyse explained. "Anything that actually explodes or rockets is illegal."

Under Florida law, you can sign a document stating you will only use fireworks for three reasons:

1) To scare pests/bugs off your crops.

2) At railroad crossings

3) At fish hatcheries.

First For You, if you are going to legally use fireworks:

1) Make sure everyone is far from the firework

2) Wear nothing baggy or flammable

3) Have proper adult supervision

4) Put fireworks in a bucket of water when you are done.

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