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Prayers poured out for Ben Bowersox

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Since First Coast News first aired the story of 5-year-old Ben Bowersox, prayers for him and his family have poured in.

On Sunday morning, thousands of people at their home church, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, continue to rally behind the family in support.

Service began with Ben Bowersox's 5-year-old Sunday school class praying for him.

"We pray for all of his fingers," Sunday school teacher and family friend, Shelly Taylor said in front of the class.

Ben is at the Duke University medical center in North Carolina. He recently spent time in a hyperbaric chamber to help his fingers stay alive.

Several of his fingers were completely cut off when he grabbed a cable on a motorized airplane hangar door at Craig airfield this week.

In the sanctuary, there were songs of praise along with prayer for little Ben. The church's senior pastor, Mac Brunson, provided the congregation with an update after Ben had surgery Sunday morning.

"Things look good," he said to an eruption of applause from the thousands of people in attendance. "There is some prayer we need to do for...prayer still on these first two fingers here. Really the first three here and some feeling to come back into the right hand."

Jeff Stoll, the Executive Pastor of Communications for the church said, "At this moment, we're praying for a miracle to be honest with you. The four fingers on the left hand are a great concern. There is a finger on the right hand that is a great concern."

The church and so many others said they continue to pray for Ben and his family.

"We pray that Ben will regain full function of his hands and his little fingers," Taylor said.

Stoll has been back and forth from the hospital in North Carolina. He said Ben is in good spirits, though he doesn't completely understand what happened to him.

Stoll said Ben's father, Dr. Steve Bowersox, is very thankful for the prayers and kind words of encouragement coming from all over.

His classmates are sending him a "prayer bear" and his Sunday school classmates also made cards for him.

Taylor said "Every time Ben would hold the bear, he would know that we've been praying for him."


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