An African American Legacy of Education

An African American Legacy of Education

Gemini One Films in association with a
Maximum Films and Private Side Media

a documentary about the history and legacy of
William M Raines High School, Jacksonville, FL
An African American Legacy of Education, Athletics
Community Growth and Cultural Unity

Urban Education Symposium

Urban Education Symposium

Urban Education Symposium 2012

Attended by Malcolm Bloodsaw of Holiday Hill Elementary,
S J Hannan of Andrew Robinson Elementary, William
Jackson educator with DCPS and Edward Waters College.
The Symposium’s focus is on Reclaiming Young Black Males
for Jacksonville’s Future. Malcolm and SJ, the many young
Black men in attendance and the thousands that reside in
Jacksonville the Symposium was directed at them.

Youth Rights Now

Youth Rights Now


A Dialogue On The Fair Representation And Equitable Treatment of 16 – 24 year olds.
This historic dialogue was attended by several hundred youth of various nationalities
and cultures representing diversity in Jacksonville, Florida.

Playground Slide Safety

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A trip to the neighborhood park often includes a trip down a slide.

It's not unusual to see a parent or caregiver with a young child on their lap, thinking it's safer to slide down the slide with them.

However, medical experts say the adult is doing more harm than good.

Baptist Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Physician Anthony Pohlgeers shared this to the Good Morning Jacksonville team.

"The child's rubber-soled shoe often gets stuck on the slide," Dr. Pohlgeers explained while showing us x-rays of leg fractures and breaks, "and as the larger person keeps going down the slide, the patient's leg gets twisted underneath the larger individual."

Dr. Pohlgeers says he sees frantic parents rush into the hospital emergency room with a child suffering a leg injuring from a slide twice a month on average.

"The parents have probably done this multiple times before or seen other people do it," Dr. Pohlgeers explains.


JACKSONVILLE, FL -- It's a common affliction not often talked about.

Some of the same symptoms older women experience during menopause -- affect men.

The main difference: Women experience menopause at a certain age, while men experience hormonal changes gradually, over a period of years.

It's called testosterone deficiency syndrome or andropause, but the most common name used is man-o-pause.

"It's a real condition," explains The Mayo Clinic's Internal Medicine Doctor Vandana Bhide.

Once it's determined a man has had a drop in his testosterone level, doctors examine the patient's other symptoms.

She told the Good Morning Jacksonville team that men usually discuss these changes with a doctor when they notice a lowering of their libido.

However, a man's significant other may notice other changes in him: Mood swings, low energy, sleep problems, and decrease in vitality and exercise tolerance.

Bargain Prices for Baby Supplies

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- When shopping for baby supplies, do you have a favorite store where you find plenty of bargains?

How can you be sure it's the best spot to shop?

The mother of a toddler and with one on the way, Good Morning Jacksonville news anchor Joy Purdy's always got an eye out for a good deal.

She did the work for you, comparing prices for five of the most commonly bought baby necessities.

The products: Dr. Brown's Bottles, Similac infant formula, Desitin diaper rash cream, Baby Orajel teething gel, and Dreft laundry detergent.

She compared store shelf prices at three stores: Babies-R-Us, Target and Walmart.

Watch the results on Good Morning Jacksonville this morning at 6 a.m.

Then after the newscast, you can watch her report here on this web page.

The prices were posted on store shelves this week.

College Campus Self-Defense Strategy

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Most college campuses are filled with emergency systems in place for students in distress.

However, in the event a student can't reach an emergency call box right away -- would they know what to do in the event of an attack?

The Good Morning Jacksonville Team met up with the self-defense instructors from Paradigm Tactical Training Group (PTTG) in Jacksonville for some basic moves every college student should consider before hoofing it across campus; especially alone.

On GMJ this morning, you'll see the instructors show our volunteer student Nikki examine the way she usually walks through her college campus and how she can better protect herself from potential attackers.

You can watch the story here on this webpage after the GMJ newscasts.