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“Best in Show” and “Honorable Mentions” Take Center Stage at Jacksonville Ceremony
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“Best in Show” and “Honorable Mentions” Take Center Stage at Jacksonville Ceremony

Congressman Ander Crenshaw congratulated winners of his annual Congressional Arts Competition on Saturday, May 7 at the Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts South Campus at Florida State College Jacksonville. At the event, he presented winners with awards and visited with participating students, their families, and school representatives at the ceremony.

“Across Northeast Florida, we’ve got an extremely talented group of students who have displayed great artistic talent. All of this year’s entries were fantastic,” said Crenshaw. “The Competition gives them the opportunity to show their peers, our community, and the rest of the nation just what they can do. I commend all the artists for their hard work and look forward to seeing the winning piece on display in the nation’s Capitol.”

The Congressional Art Competition, entitled “An Artistic Discovery,” was created to afford each Member of Congress an opportunity to hold individual art competitions for high school students in their district. The purpose of the annual competition is to showcase the creative talents of students and acknowledge our nation’s gifted young artists.

Students from across the 4th Congressional District entered their artworks in this year’s competition. The “Best in Show” piece, Alley Days, submitted by Cyrus Hodge of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, will be displayed in the nation’s Capitol along with winners from Congressional districts across the country.

Award Winners:

Best in Show


  • Best in Show: Cyrus Hodge, Alley Days, etching

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Barry Wilson


Honorable Mentions


  • Brooke Perry, Still Life, photograph,

Atlantic Coast High School (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Miriam Provisero

  • Alex Sheppard, Through the Midnight Hour, mixed media on paper

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Hillary Hogue

  • Madeline Cintron, Streetlights, photograph

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Alyce Walcavich

  • Nancy Graham, A Silly Stupid Past Time, ink on paper

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Hillary Hogue

  • Tina Gardner, The Guardian, charcoal on paper

Paxon, School for Advanced Studies (Jacksonville)

Teacher: Mai Keisling


Full list of participating students:


Atlantic Coast High School (Jacksonville)  Teachers: Kelly Delaney, Miriam Provisero


Ainslee Langford, Still Life

Aprilyn Cunanan, Self Portrait

Brooke Perry, Still Life

Gabrielle Ducusin, Untitled

Jaymee Smith, Big Cat

Kailyn Dawson, Reflected Landscape

Kailyn Dawson, All By Myself

Katarina Beitz, Still Life Triptik

Kylie Milan, Family Tree

Madeline Setzer, Cityscape

Rachel Johnston, Self Portrait


Baker County High School  (Macclenny) Teacher: Tiffany Armoreda


Alexandra Sotomayor, Untitled

            Ashleigh Thick, Elements

            David Fries, The Ultimate Epic Annihilator of Universes vs. The Protector of Meaahydro

            Hayden Stevens, Night Breakfast

            Jourdin Brown, Abandonment

            Lilly Neal, Captured

            Mason Bussey, Lightbulb

            William Clarkson, Once Was There, But Now Is Not


The Bolles School (Jacksonville)  Teacher: Don Bied


            Carla Dominguez-Gonzalez, Untitled

            Carlton Middlekauf, Untitled

            Gabby Cu, The Landscape

            Katie Prusiecki, Untitled

            Lian Ren, Untitled

            Nikita Sharma, Untitled

            Rachel Sorrells, Untitled

            Sydney Vandroff, Liberty

            Yang Yu Zhou, Future

            Yankia Ned, Untitled


Columbia County High School  (Lake City)  Teacher : Christopher Coleman


Kaitlin Rewis, Berries in Hands

            Samantha Harris, Flying Through the Storm

            Skye Fouraker, Untitled

            Suarez Arturo, Breaking Walls



Douglas Anderson School of the Arts  (Jacksonville) Teachers:  Alyce Walcavich, Barry 

            Wilson, Hillary Hogue


Alex Sheppard, Through the Midnight Hour

            Audrey Barthelomew, Emma

            Clint Phillips, Self Portrait

            Clint Phillips, Self Portrait

            Cyrus Hodge, Alley Days

            Ella Montoya, The Florida Theatre

            Emma Peterson, Girl by a Window of a Doll House

            Giuliano Vighutti, Untitled

            Hana Soper, Toy Truck

            Jared Bittner, Guitar

            Katrina Fernandez, Self-Portrait

            Linda Nguyen, Whispers in the Dark

            Lizbeth Morilla, Golden Sensation

            Madeline Cintron, Streetlights

            Nancy Graham, A Silly, Stupid Past Time

            Perri Schellenberg, Train Conductor

            Perri Schellenberg, Untitled

            Reilly Hogue, Self-Portrait

            Sarah Wilder, Liz & Gabby

            Shannon Dunham, Repentance

            Taylor Nain, House


Englewood High School (Jacksonville) Teacher: Tony Wood


            Alexandria Creel, 12 – Point

            Alexandria Creel, Alexandria

            Brieanna Haynes, Portrait #3

            Kathleen Hollingworth, Behind the Hand

            Paige Hoernhein, Papi Chulo 


Hamilton County High School (Jasper) Teacher:  Leon Daniels


            Amanda Diaz, Squishie

            Amanda Diaz, Tears

            Angela Cameron, Love Knows No Color

            James Alexander, Purple Rain

            James Alexander, The Darkness

            Valerie Calderon, Family Portrait

            Valerie Calderon, Quien Soy Yo

            Valerie Calderon, Teen Summit


Lincoln High School  (Tallahassee)  Teacher:  Marilyn Proctor-Givens


            Lauren Thurston, Creativity

            Sam Alwine, Metype

            Summer Lindsley, A Bright Idea

            Todd Jones, Autumn


Paxon  School for Advanced Studies  (Jacksonville) Teacher:  Mai Keisling


            Arianne Romero, Le Mesa de Rojo

            Canon Corbitt, Hello Kitty!

            Mary McLool, The Errant Wave

            Namitha Thotli, Untitled

            Norrelle Walker, Hot Tomale Leaves

            Steven Brooks, Crimson Depth

            Taylor Pittman, The Doorway

            Tina Gardner, The Guardian


Stanton College Preparatory School (Jacksonville) Teacher: Carrie Santa Lucia


            Calvin Chern, Bottle Studies

            Elizabeth Utset, The Irish Sea

            Emily Whitbeck, Bottles

            Emily Whitbeck, Dream

            Emma Hignett, Self Portrait

            Jessi Pressley, Perdido en sus Pensamiento

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