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JCCI presents its Summer Series

Jacksonville, Fla. – Jacksonville Community Council Inc. is pleased to announce its Summer Series, “Am I My Parents’ Keeper?” sponsored by Community Hospice of Northeast Florida.

“Am I My Parents’ Keeper?” a community inquiry, was born from concern for Jacksonville’s nearly 90,000 seniors (2010 US Census) and the almost 230,000 people finding themselves in the so-called “sandwich generation,” which encompasses those from 40-60 years old.  This six session lunch-hour series will ask the important questions and provide useful resources to help the community broach the tough topics regarding aging, caretaking, and end-of-life decision making.

Beginning June 14th, the series runs every Thursday through July 26th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the JCCI Conference Room, located at 2434 Atlantic Blvd. It is free and open to all including local media.

“For some people, the answers to these questions won’t be necessary for years. For others, they’re important right now. ” said Ben Warner, JCCI president and CEO.

With the largest number of people over 65 in US history, the focus will be learning to have the difficult conversations and shifting into a caretaking relationship with one’s elders, Warner said.

“78 million baby boomers are reaching retirement. The challenge is thinking about how we manage this life transition,” Warner said. “The baby boomer generation has caused new conversations at every step of their life cycle, mainly due to their sheer demographic immensity. Now, they’re reshaping the conversations about aging.”

Throughout the course of this series, JCCI will serve as a home base for a live FAQ discussing everything from Medicare paperwork to the right time to take away the car keys. The discussions will be recorded. Podcasts will be available on jcci.org.

For more information about JCCI and the Summer Series, visit www.jcci.org


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