Riverkeeper, City Councilman Want State to Delay GP Pipeline

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The proposed pipeline into the St. Johns River from a plant in Palatka is facing opposition downstream.

St. Johns Riverkeeper Neil Armingeon joined Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love to ask the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to withhold a permit for Georgia-Pacific to build the pipeline from their plywood plant.

Love introduced the resolution to the council in September (bill 2011-0607), and Armingeon joined him in a news conference to discuss dioxin, among other potential pollutants.

No Warning Signs About Contamination in Local Creeks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- There's still a fish consumption advisory for Hogan and Long Branch Creeks in Duval County.

EPA tests show there are serious toxins in the fish.  Local government agencies held community meetings to warn people, but are they doing enough?

There are still no signs warning people not to eat the fish from either creek.

Angler Keith Gunter said he has fished in the contaminated spots before, "As a matter of fact this past year."  He said he did not know about the warnings.

The Duval County Health Department issued a warning that EPA tests show large mouth bass and striped mullet are contaminated with polyaromatic hydrocarbons or PAH's, a known carcinogen. 

Smoke from Riverside Covering Downtown

Smoke from Riverside Covering Downtown

Jordan Gross captured these pictures of smoke from Riverside, by the Fuller Warren Bridge downtown.

Why is Brooklyn Labeled Health Zone One?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Since 11 people were shot in a city park,  J.S. Johnson park and the Brooklyn neighborhood where it is located, have come out of anonymity.

The West Jacksonville is a small community dominated by vacant warehouses and dilapidated houses. It also is in the middle of what is called Health Zone One.

Clarence Lane, 70, who grew up in Brooklyn no longer lives there but returns when he can. "I never stopped coming back; I grew up in this neighborhood, it is a close-knit neighborhood," said Lane.

Lane said the old neighborhood has seen its glory days and he would like to forget its present day, but he hasn't given up on Brooklyn. "Brooklyn is getting a bad rap," he said.

As Health Zone One, Brooklyn is one of the most "impoverished, at risk segment of the city that transcends zip codes," said Dr. Michael Hallett, a UNF criminologist.