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Foundation Financial Group makes commitment to go green with Project Sequoia

When Mark W. Boyer took over as chief executive officer at Foundation Financial Group in January 2011 he had a vision of developing a paperless culture within the growing national financial services company.

By midyear, his vision had taken not only taken root, but had sprouted into an entirely new companywide initiative to go green. Thus, Project Sequoia was born. Named after the mighty tree that lines the deep, lush forests of northern California, Project Sequoia aims to save Foundation Financial Group upwards of $50,000 its first year.

The cornerstone of Project Sequoia is Foundation Financial Group’s new fully secure, integrated paperless document management system.

“We have integrated an entirely paperless origination, processing, shipping and storage process for all of our affiliates,” CEO Boyer said. “The new system has multiple environmental benefits, is totally secure and improves efficiencies and time management at Foundation Financial Group.”

Foundation Financial Group is also using a new paperless hiring system that will save the company $25,000 previously spent on paper and printer cartridges. Replacing the paper-intensive processes are eSignatures for loan paperwork, a new document storage process and adoption of signature capture pads used in the hiring process.

“Our goal is to do our part in reducing energy consumption and improve efficiencies in every aspect of the business wherever possible,” Boyer said. “Whether it means disposing of waste in an environmentally-responsible manner or developing strategic partnerships with companies that operate using environmentally-sound practices, Foundation Financial Group is committed to developing a green culture.”

Studies show that it can take years to shift a culture’s thinking. One of the first tools Boyer and his executive team used to create employee buy-in of Project Sequoia was the purchase of ceramic mugs and 16-ounce drinking cups to replace Styrofoam cups, a move that saved $8,000 a year. Fewer Styrofoam cups disposed of in a year means less impact on local landfills.

In August, Foundation Financial Group executives took part in the company’s annual meeting where each attendee received yet another reminder of the company’s commitment to going green — luggage tags made of biodegradable eco-friendly materials. Attendees also enjoyed a presentation outlining key aspects of Project Sequoia.

As more and more companies are adopting environmentally friendly policies. There are more manufacturers offering products that will help companies maintain their commitments to a green culture.

“It can be a balancing act,” said Jack Boyd, account representative for Horizon Promotional and Foundation Financial Group’s green products consultant. “It’s my job to ensure my clients get a quality product that is environmentally friendly and is also a great value. If they’re successful, I’m successful.”

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